Next Generation Lateral Flow Technology

What makes us different?


Technological Breakthroughs

To create a revolutionary lateral flow process, NOWDx had to overcome three technical challenges.

First, the test platform needed to produce valid results with minimal sample volume due to the limits of volume obtainable via finger stick. Unlike conventional lateral flow test design, the ADEXUSDx® test platform can eliminate most of the wasted sample volume that does not contribute to test signal generation by guiding sample flow to the test strip horizontally.
The second challenge was related to whole blood samples. A drop of whole blood contains only about 50% liquid. The other 50% is made up mainly of red blood cells. Therefore, the effective sample volume is only 20 μL or less. The device needed to be designed to generate equivalent sensitivity without additional solution and testing time.
The final challenge was to limit the time to result, thus minimizing potential issues with blood coagulation. Reduction of strip length and widening of fiberglass region have effectively reduced the test time to 15 minutes for COVID-19. 
3 Simple Steps

Touch the sample to the tip of the test. Or apply sample directly into the test with a transfer device. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes.

Read your result. 

COVID-19 Test